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Filipino American Heroes Memorial

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On behalf of 4,000 members of our national organization, we invite you to honor our living and fallen heroes who fought for us and our freedom.

Would your family or organization be interested in nominating a Filipino American veteran to be included in this website and in future publications?

For years to come, children, grandchildren, relatives and far-away friends can remember your hero's sacrifices in the war and his dreams of a better life for his family and country.

For a Family membership of $100 or more, your veteran's short story and photos will be displayed in this website. See Nomination Form.

We will also provide you a "Fil-Am Vets in Action" DVD/VHS video of our equity campaign in Washington DC and updates.

We, the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.,  an advocacy organization based in Arlington, Virginia, and our allies have won victories now worth about $38 MILLION in annual benefits for 29,000 elderly Filipino WWII veterans and their dependents.

Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba - Highest ranking Filipino American US Army

July 1997 White House rally

Remember us. We fought for you!
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Celestino Almeda, Joaquin Tejada and Guillermo Rumingan in Washington, May 2004

American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.
841 South Globe Road, Arlington VA 22204
Phone: 202 246-1998